Keto Lemon bars (low-carb)

Well, I have to admit that these are most likely by far my favorite recipe. These Low-carb Lemon bars are hands down my favorite dessert. If you have been keto for a while, you definitely should already have most of these ingredients as well!

Normally. when you bring any lemon bars into the house, they are gone the same day. These Keto Lemons bars are no exception. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend who claims to not be a sweets person, ate 99% of these!

With the crust- you can keep it on the thinner side by using a larger pan, or you can keep it thick like I did and use a smaller pan. I wouldn't prefer the recipe one way or the other, I would say if you want a thicker bite than go with the smaller pan.

These bars are around 2-3 net cards per serving if you divide them into small pieces, around 24. I made my bars on the larger side to make them a bit easier to remove from the pan. Please note if you top these with powdered sweetener than they will have more carbs, but hey this is a dessert and we are just out here living our best keto lives and we deserve a few extra carbs, am I right!?

I do tend to add MCT powder to my baking recipes, simply so I can get some beneficial fat into the recipe. Feel free to opt out of that, it should not impact the recipe at all. However, if you have not tried MCT Powder, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Here are some of the ingredients I used to create these.

Almond Flour

Powdered Sweetener

Almond Oil Cooking Spray

MCT Powder

Xanthan Gum

Granulated Sweetener

Here are some of the kitchen tools I used to create these.

9×13 pan

Small Baking Pan (this is what I used)

Mixing Bowls

Measuring cups

If you are into Lemon as much as I am this week, check out my last post for Keto Lemon Sugar Cookies.



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