Keto Lemon Sugar Cookie

These Keto Lemon Cookies are sure to make your taste buds happy this summer!

I love lemon flavor so much especially during the summer time. Lemon is just always so refreshing and lite.

Sometimes with Keto Desserts, the lemon flavor can lack or can be overpowered by the sugar substitutes, however these cookies do not miss any of that Lemon Flavor we all love.

These lemon cookies are not only perfect for dessert, but I also had one with my coffee in the morning. They are great for anytime of the day.

The Holiday season is far away still but we all know how it creeps up on us. These would be great for any Holiday party or family gathering as well.

I do try to avoid butters and dairy such as cream cheese, however sometimes for a desserts it won't hurt to splurge. You can also substitute with things like coconut cream, which I do from time-to-time.

Keto Lemon Sugar Cookie Ingredients

Ghee- I always use Ghee for my butter replacement, however you can absolutely use normal butter as well.

Monkfruit granulated- I listed to a podcast a while ago about all the benefits Monkfruit has and I really just fell in love. You can also use Stevia as well though.

Almond Flour- Definitely a must have for a keto lifestyle! My favorite brand is Bob's Red mill.

Xanthan Gum- Perfect ingredient for thickening low-carb treats!

Baking Tools Needed

Mixer- You can use a hand mixer or (recommended) a KitchenAid Mixer- this is perfect for baking!

Baking Sheet- You should use a large baking sheet 16x11. This one linked is my favorite because it also comes with a cooling rack!

Zester- Here is the lemon zester I recommend

Ice Cream Scoop- This is what I used to shape the dough



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