Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie? These cooking are so satisfying and tasty, they will be sure to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Normally, when I make cookies I do not add any sort of protein powder into them, however for this recipe I did and it turned out fantastic! I also decided to add some peanut butter in there for some extra flavor.

When shopping for low-carb peanut butters be sure to read the labels. There are tons of different brands out there but these butters tend to be high in carbs. Below are some of the brands I have used before.

Peanut butter brands

1) My favorite brand is Perfect Nut Butter 2g of net carbs per serving

2) Legendary Food 3g net carb per serving

3) Walden Farms 0g carbs- I stumbled upon this brand at sprouts and love it! It does have poor review on Amazon but I have used this exact peanut spread before and really enjoyed it.

The texture of these cookies are on the chewy side, meaning they do not crumble or fall apart. Since the recipe has xanthan gum and protein power, the cookies hold their moisture and stay chew and delicious all week. The color should be a dark, golden brown due to the peanut butter addition.



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