Keto Peanut-Butter Fudge Bars

I hope you guys are having an amazing day! These are my favorite homemade fudge bars. They are keto however, the whole family can enjoy this tasty healthy treat! They are delicious and healthy! They are around 4 net carbs per serving.

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On a day to day basis, you can normally find me eating more meat and fatty foods than sweet treats such as this. However, if I have some carbs to spare this is definitely something I will treat myself to. Guilt free and it even hits my macros!

When I first started keto, I kind of went over board with planning. I would plan out meal prep for lunch (different meals every other day), plan the breakfast for the week, a snack and a dessert. Looking back I am not sure what I was thinking seeing as I did thise all in one day lol! I still prep my lunch meals each week, but now I have stepped back from the other stuff.

Originally, my boyfriend and I both started the diet, so I was worried about not having enough food. A year later and he is no longer keto, so I just have myself to worry about. I still prep our meals for the week, but I do slightly modify his as well.

Anyhow, lets talk about baking for a moment. Well, I am not the greatest baker, maybe one day that will change, but I do prefer cooking instead. Even though sometimes my concoctions turn out not so ideal, I still keep on trying! I enjoyed making this specific recipe because I could tell before baking it that it was going to turn out well. I did of sample the batter (of course) and I probably could have just consumed it raw to be honest lol.

I lined a baking dish with some parchment paper to make it easier to get out once it was done baking. Honestly, you could bake these in anything really. If you don't use parchment paper, I would suggest putting some oil or butter on the bottom of the baking dish.

So essentially, there are two parts to these beauties- the crust and the fudge. Both equally fun to make and equally delicious! You can choose whatever chocolate chips you want, however I do recommend Lilly's brand. This brand has no added sugars, and around 2g carbs per serving size. They are perfect to bake with!

For the peanut butter, I personally LOVE Walden Farms. I am telling you, finding this brand has been life changing. This is calorie fee and sugar fee, AND 0 CARBS! I mean honestly, could you ask for anything else!? It does have a different taste to it, so if you find that it is not for you, here are two other brands I recommend- Justin's and Perfect Keto Nut Butter.

Now, lets talk SWEETENERS! So I am a HUGE fan of Monkfruit. There are tons of sweeteners out there and you can definitely try them all! I've been using this since I listed to a podcast when I first started, and they recommend this due to the fact is has no glycemic or calories. It is also vegan, gluten free, GMO free, and has zero additives. I also really enjoy Swerve as well. Some people hate the taste of one but love the other, so definitely try them out and stick with what you enjoy.

I stored my bars in the freezer since I knew I would not be eating more than a few a week, but if you plan to consume more you can store in the fridge!

I hope you guys enjoy these are much as I did!

As always, I would love your feedback!




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