Keto Protein Bar Round up!

Hey Friends!

I wanted to add a place where I could share all my favorite products that support my keto-lifestyle!

Here are just a few;

Today, I want to talk about some of my favorite protein bars I have tried. Lord knows, there has been a ton that claim to be delicious and great, and within that first bite I discover this is not for me.

One of my favorite protein bars I found is by Stoka (link to amazon).

I first discovered Stoka while subscribing to my keto box. I love these bars because they're around 4 net carbs and they remind me of eating a granola bar which I miss! They're also much larger than most protein bars, which is great because I find them to be extremely filling. The flavor is impeccable, they definitely got it right with these bars!

Equally as delicious, are a new find of mine, Dang Bars. P.S. They have a sample box you can purchase on Amazon, which I highly recommend, that way you can try all the flavors! I actually purchased the sample box just so I could try every flavor.

These guys nailed the flavor as well! They're around 4-5 net carbs and have amazing texture. These are a bit on the smaller size, but I actually like this because it seems to be the perfect amount to keep me full.

Quest is another personal favorite of mine. These were actually the first Keto-friendly protein bar I came across. They have tons of different flavors (I LOVE BIRTHDAY CAKE) and you can basically find them anywhere.

You NEED to try the sample pack, I literally have not tried a flavor I did not like! They are around 4-7 net carbs per bar. Not too shabby for a quick snack.

The last bar I want to mention is Keto Bars. I have only tried one flavor however I have read tons of review on how great they are.

What I love is that they are about 3g of cards and 20g of fat, so they're actually much higher in fat than others which is great! I think I will be purchasing a box of these when I am in need for more bars. If you purchase them please let me know what you think!

Please share your thoughts below! Let me know if you have tried any of these!

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