Keto Steak cobb Salad

Meal prep for the week! This recipe is sure to fill you with loads of protein, nutrients and greens all week long!

Eeek, so i'm so excited to share this recipe! Mainly because I have a sick obsession with salads and I especially love eating them for the entire week! So this is actually a pretty simple recipe and very similar to a normal cobb salad.

However, I always have a special little ingredient that I add to my homemade dressings to fatten it up which I will share later.

First off, on an unrelated note. I'm currently scrolling through facebook and came across an American Idol audition which led me to balling my eyes out. Like is this just me who does this? I cant help myself, but literally every time I watch one of these auditions its like instant water weird.

Anyway, lets get back to what matters...the food!

So this salad is full of great, fresh, healthy ingredients.

Spinach: Full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. I always suggest to try to add a leafy green into your diet daily.

Bok Choy: Never heard of it? RUN to your local whole food and grab a bunch! It contains folate which plays a role in the production and repair of DNA- which might prevent cancer cells from forming. It also contains vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene.

Hard boiled eggs: Eggs contain good fats! So perfect for the Ketogenic diet. They are also high in protein and Vitamin A- which can keep your eyes healthy.

Feta Cheese: So like, who doesn't just like cheese? Well, if you don't it is the lowest calorie cheese and has Vitamin D, so maybe that will change your mind?

Tomatoes: Contains Vitamin C, K, biotin and antioxidants. I don't over due these, I add them sparingly.

Pecans: We all know certain nuts are great for keto. This nut contains good vitamins such as Vitamin A, E and calcium.

Steak: The best part of the meal! Steak is great for you fellow keto-ers. It is rich in iron, Vitamin B-12, around 7g of fat per 3 ounces and high in protein. Steak is your best friend on keto..well, probably bacon as well.

For the marinade, I let the steak sit for about 5 hours. Mind you, I cook with about 5lbs of meat. I think the trick to getting good flavor in your meats, is to take the extra time to marinate, it's totally worth it.


**This is a meal prep recipe, for 2 adults, that feeds us lunch Monday- Friday. You can absolutely cut down this recipe!

**For the marinade, since there is so much meat, it is best to place a zip lock bag in a large mixing bowl, add the meat, mix marinade in a separate bowl and then add marinade to the zip lock bag once mixed.

** You definitely do not have to do this, but I add about 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to my boiling water that I will be cooking my eggs in. It makes peeling the shells a breeze!

** I have tested and made this recipe for the entire week. If you do not dress the salad mix, it will last the entire week! Just make sure to dry your greens enough so there is no moisture in the Tupperware.

I also wanted to include a few links with products that helped make this recipe!

1: These are my favorite meal prep storage containers!

2: For washing and drying the lettuce, this is the salad spinner I use.

3: MCT oil's are everywhere now, but if you want to splurge I would suggest Bulletproof, if not this is a great brand as well!

As always, I hope you enjoy and leave feedback!




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