You are now processing FATS for energy, NOT carbs. Make sure you are consuming good fats such as MCT oil, quality meats and avocado. 



When cooking, use ghee or avocado oil to increase your fat intake. 


Protein is limited, and meant to be enjoyed in moderation.

However, I believe if your workout routine is more demanding than normal, such as crossfit or if you are a heavy-weight lifter, increasing your protein consumption mildly and experimenting with targeted carbohydrate 

consumption  may be beneficial.


Get electrolytes! If you are feeling tired or a getting headaches, you may need more electrolytes. 


You should still eat some fruits and vegetables, just watch the quantity. Stick to low-glycemic fruits and fibrous plants.


If you're eating correctly, you will naturally eat less. Keto keeps you satiated for longer periods of time. You should feel less hungry. Mouth pleasure is a hard habit to break. When you feel like you want to eat, listen to body and see if you are actually hungry, or just eating out of habit. 


When you are reading labels, avoid added sugars! Things can be 0 carb and still have sugars which we want to avoid. Eventually, you will start to feel benefits such as mental clarity, better moods and more energy. 


Educate yourself

Just because cream cheese and butter is technically 'keto' doesn't mean it is great for you. Everyone does keto differently, so if your body can handle these things, by all means go for it, however my kind of keto implements these things in small quantities if any at all. I prefer to  find the healthier alternatives such as ghee instead of butter,  or coconut cream instead of heavy cream. 

Start somewhere

Look, you don't need to replace everything and cleanse your entire pantry to begin. Just start somewhere! You don't need every keto sweetener, syrup, protein bars, chips, etc out there when you start. Take your time, buy a few things at a time and start to weed out the rest. It gets easier, I promise!

Track what you eat

Tracking what you eat early on can be so beneficial!  You can use an app such as Myfitnesspal, adjust your macros to keto, and start tracking! This helped me immensely when I first started. I quickly learned what foods were good for me, and when I needed more fat before the day was over. Pay attention to net carbs as well.

Just Stick with it

Some people want a miracle, and Keto is the closest you will get to one while dieting. You WILL see results, but it takes time and commitment. There is so much information out there now-a-days that it can be overwhelming at first. This is so new to many people and it completely goes against all the "rules" and food pyramid we were all taught to believe. You don't need to bake all the keto treats and cook up elaborate meals everyday. Start with some meat, pour on some fat and eat an avocado! Sometimes, less is more.



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